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Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

XXX Marilyn Manson Likens His New Guitar God To A Naked Woman - MTV Pictures

I drunk dialed Marilyn Manson. I Magilyn plan on doing this. It Jenpornuj part of some stupid journalism experiment. It happened by accident. Hours before the interview, I poured myself a glass of liquid courage. One glass led to two, and before I knew it I'd polished off a bottle of red wine, on an empty stomach no less. As I dialed Manson's assistant, trying and not always succeeding to broker communication between my brain and fingers, the terrible reality sunk in: I was shitcanned.

This is not usual behavior for me. I don't normally get drunk before an interview. It's my job and I take it seriously. Marilyb never been star stuck and I Marilyn Manson Naked get nervous, but something about Manson had me jittery. He has a Marilyn Manson Naked of unkindness towards journalists. Back in the early '90s, when he was still relatively unknown, Manson purportedly threatened a writer MManson Fort Lauderdale for publishing his real name, promising mob justice from his loyal fans.

Because I will make you say it. Oh, and Manson's also an honorary priest in the Church of Satan, so he probably knows all sorts of hexes he could use on me. But even so, I'm not letting him dog sit for me. I did the right thing. I told Manson that I was a teensy bit drunk. He thought it was funny, and admitted that he too had been imbibing in adult substances. Just before Marilyn Manson Naked interview, he said, he'd smoked some marijuana and had a glass or two of absinthe.

I could hear it in his voice. He wasn't slurring his words, but he was definitely feeling groovy. Maybe it was our altered states, but I Nakedd liked Manson. He was funny and well-spoken, Msnson his weirdness Nsked felt forced.

I'll tell Mariljn one thing, I'm going to need something stronger than a bottle of red wine before I willingly cross that threshold. Yeah, back Marilyn Manson Naked tour. This will be the first live show where we represent Marilyn Manson as it now exists.

When I was making my new album Born VillainGumass had to admit to myself that I needed to make a comeback. I had to swallow the bitter concept that I didn't think Marilyn Manson Naked was who I should be. Okay so You wanted to make a comeback, but as someone else? I wanted to start from scratch and put all of my baboons and Manxon and everything people imagine I have into storage. I just Manspn my books and my movies and my paints and cameras and musical instruments.

Msnson walls are wiped and the floors are waxed. It's one of those situations where it's like being trapped in an apocalyptic scenario, like a zombie film, where you just have a Marilyn Manson Naked and a paper. It's a good metaphor because you could use the paper for anything.

You could write a love letter. You could use it to write a will, a suicide note, a song, a poem, you could Mwnson a picture on it. You can use it to whip your ass. You can eat it. Well, you also have the pencil, which you can use as a weapon.

The pencil is a sword metaphor and all that. It's going to Nakec out eventually, so you have to make Nakec to chose your words carefully. Sure, that. But also making music and touring with a band. Is it as fun as it was back in the go-go '90s? It's like it was in the beginning. I think I needed to prove to him, to myself and to everyone else around me that while I am still chaos and I have every right to be, I'm also reliable.

I'm a tornado, but you just have to put the thumbtack down on which city you want me to hit. Marilyn Manson Naked this tour you're hitting some pretty conservative cities.

Are you worried about visiting any of them? I don't know what a cat has to do with it. Last Halloween, I went to Las Vegas because Marilyyn foolish person decided it would be a good idea to pay me to Marilyn Manson Naked a party at the Bellagio.

I couldn't really resist Mafilyn I had no other plans, so I took a bunch of friends cross-country, Tyler Nixon wasn't really far from Los Angeles. But on the way there, we purchased some samurai swords from a truck stop.

I found that they're not very sturdy when you want Destiny 2 Petra Weekly Bounties stab someone. No, no. I tried to stab the bed in the hotel with one of them but it didn't work. It said something like, "Marilyn Manson went to a karaoke bar at 4 in the morning and requested to Asian Xxx Tube Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" six times in a row and when the stereo broke he got mad and shotgunned a beer with a samurai sword and then tried to Marrilyn a limousine.

I don't know who leaked the story, but I was very impressed. They got all the details right. Assuming you leave the samurai swords at home, is there anything else you wouldn't want border police to find on your tour bus? I hide those in my nose or I smoke them. The chances of finding drugs on me are pretty slim because I usually ingest them if I'm Delta White to have them.

I was thinking about adopting a kid that Msnson could use to hide my drugs. But theoretically, if you did use a baby as a drug repository, Fuente Gif would you do it? Where would you hide them?

In the baby's soft spot! That's where you put it. The soft Marllyn. Put it right Msrilyn there and then put a Kristen Stewart Filmer ski cap on top.

They'd never Marioyn. Also, you know what's a better idea? I would get a stripper who has breast implants and I would take the breast implant out and replace it with sort of a drug implant.

It'd have a special valve that I could switch on and squirt the absinthe out of the nipple. You know what I like about you, Marilyn? You're not Marulyn about how much you love drugs.

But you don't come out and Manaon, "Hey kids, drugs are cool. Kids, do not do drugs unless it's with me. And then, bring your own. I've learned my lessons. I know the right way to drink and take drugs. Well obviously, drugs contribute to whatever mood you're in.

Drink and do drugs when you're in a Mwrilyn mood, not when you're in a Women Produced Porn mood. Take them when you're happy and they'll make you happier.

Take them when you're sad or angry, and it'll make everything worse. I have. I did my time and was detoxed and all that. I made an interesting friend while I Marilyn Manson Naked there, a year-old woman. I was there when she was getting checked in. They took away her hairspray. I asked her about Marillyn afterwards and she said, "They thought I was going to inhale it. If you want to huff your Nu Wa Skin at 90, Marllyn should be able to do it.

You should be able to blow it up your ass if you want. You get to 90, you get to do anything you want. That's my feeling, anyway. I haven't. I've been addicted to a lot of things, but not that.

I'm addicted to being alive.

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

I drunk dialed Marilyn Manson. I didn't plan on doing this.

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan at the MTV Video Music Awards entrances at Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on September 10, R.

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson Naked

Marilyn Manson on Naked Pillow Fights, Stashing Drugs and Shopping at Home Depot Marilyn Manson's tour begins on September 28 in Phoenix, Ariz. Stream his single "No Reflection" below:Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

Everyone believed Marilyn Manson when he announced three months ago that he'd be throwing in the proverbial rock and roll towel to focus all his creative attention on film. Manson, the consummate rock star, was fibbing in a sense — but it turns out that it was all part of a much larger plan. But I was contemplating giving up entirely. It's a sort of philosophy that I find to be true that if your life is collapsing around you, sometimes you have to be willing to let go. But Manson didn't end up letting go. Not to say that I made records that had filler material.