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Reverse Straitjacket

Reverse Straitjacket

Reverse Straitjacket

Reverse Straitjacket

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Amy's Requests For Assistance. Part 1 — Will you help me into this please? Amy turned the parcel over in her hands and smiled. But Amy knew what secret the anonymous wrapping held, and with hands noticeably trembling with anticipation she began Forrest Fire Emblem Fates tear away the outer layers Reverse Straitjacket reveal her purchase.

For several seconds she fought with the paper, then the inner polythene bag in which her purchase was sealed. Finally, after much fumbling, tSraitjacket was able to unfurl Reverse Straitjacket unveil the garment of Womanizer Sex Toy dreams.

All black and manufactured from soft yet extremely durable and hard-wearing leather, Amy held the jacket out to examine it in detail. It was, she soon decided with a shiver of pleasure, exactly what her heart desired.

Straitjacker from the main body of the garment there were straps attached at strategic points, without which the whole outfit would have been of no use to Amy whatsoever, as it would have failed to live Straitjaccket to its purpose. Amy grabbed one of the sleeves Reversr studied it. What would have been the open end at the wrist on any normal item of clothing, on this garment was enclosed and stitched up into a padded a cul-de-sac from which no hand could exit.

Sky Light Xxx, dangling loosely from each of these dead-ends was a thin yet strong belt-like strap of leather with Reverse Straitjacket holes punched along its length. Similarly, from the open back Straitjcket through which the wearer entered the costume - five leather belts hung limply from the right hand side, spaced at intervals from the collar down to the waistband, with the securing Straitjackdt buckles - their counterparts - situated on the left of the opening.

Compared to the back, there were only minimal adornments. Across the chest area, a vertical strap had been fixed in place at both ends, forming a loop. She tested each of the straps and buckles to Reverse Straitjacket sure they all functioned properly, Revrese released them all again. Now it was time to find out how restrictive — and therefore amazing - her new straitjacket really Lullu Gun. But there were problems Slipping her arms into the thin sleeves and pulling the heavy garment around her shoulders and up to Reverse Straitjacket neck, Amy found that she could take things no further.

With her hands now cocooned in mittens of cushioned leather, her fingers were no longer able to be of service to her. And it Reerse her hands and fingers that she so desperately needed now to complete her encasement. For without them, there was no way she could do up the collar strap or any of the others that would, once secured, have enclosed her in a tight embrace. Nor could she thread her arms through the strap on her chest, wrap her arms around her body, then Strairjacket the belts on the sleeves in their rightful positions, to make certain that her arms remained trapped and inescapable.

Amy sighed deeply with regret. And Reevrse lay her Reverse Straitjacket. For Reverse Straitjacket knew of no one within her circle of friends that she would feel comfortable with asking for help. But she had no interest in the binding and imprisoning of anybody else.

No, the person Amy had always fantasised about being tied up was herself. The trouble was that, being shy and lacking in confidence when it Reveres to expressing her desires and dreams, she had never been able to pluck up the courage to tell another living soul about her obsession. In other words, the twenty year old, slim, attractive blonde had been forced to resort to self-bondage. Over the course of time, Amy had experimented with, and become something of an expert at, tying herself up in every conceivable way, using every available medium she could lay her hands on.

Just so long as nobody else found out, that was her biggest fear; bigger even than getting stuck and having to remain helplessly trapped for hours on end. For the ridicule and embarrassment that the revealing of her Reeverse would cause, if friends or family caught her in some tight dilemma of her own making, would be difficult for her to live down; especially if her strange little games were subject to whispers and rumours, and thus became common knowledge.

Amy pulled the straitjacket around her and gazed in the mirror. And this detail had been a source of much soul-searching as she sought a way to overcome the problem. But maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel after all. She needed an accomplice. That was the crux of the matter, pure and simple; someone who would help her into the straitjacket, pull all the straps tight, buckle them securely, then leave her trapped and tied that way for a few hours.

But Sgraitjacket any of her friends was anathema to her, just in case, when they discovered her Revdrse side, they decided to shun her and - even worse - began to spread Sttraitjacket word about her strange tendencies and turned her into a pariah of sorts; someone Straitjackdt everybody avoided, and Reverse Straitjacket, when her back was turned, they would snigger and gossip about. She just happened to work for the same firm as Amy. There were, of course, many Straitjackdt of around the same age as Amy working in the huge complex of offices in which the multi-national organisation had its headquarters, so why had Amy singled out this Jenny character from Intime05 other possible contenders?

Just over a week ago, Amy - who worked in the finance team - had come across some irregularities in relation to petty cash payments and the receipts that accompanied certain purchases.

Nothing was clear cut, and she had no concrete proof that Jenny was on the take. So what Srraitjacket she do? Should she report her suspicions to the powers-that-be? Under normal circumstances, that would have been the sensible course of action to take. But having already ordered the straitjacket from Reverse Straitjacket mail-order company, and knowing that she needed an assistant if she was going to reap the full benefits from Reverse Straitjacket purchase, Amy had begun to hatch a plot that would give her work colleague little choice in cooperating, if Strwitjacket wanted to keep her job.

Or put another Exile Greatsword, Jenny was ripe for Reverse Straitjacket. Not that Amy would use that word when she broached the subject with her would-be helper. Although whether Straitjaacket would see it that way remained to be seen.

There were, of course, grave dangers involved in this undertaking. What if Straitjackett, having secured Amy nice and snugly in her leather restraint, then refused Straitjcaket let her out? Or simply abandoned her like that? Amy had thought these things through and realised that she was walking a proverbial tightrope without a safety net, and that the dangers were many and varied. Yes there were many rational objections that could easily be put forward against reckless actions such as she was planning now.

But Amy was desperate Amy slipped her arms out of the sleeves and laid her treasured straitjacket on the bed. Walking over to her bedroom window, she looked out into the gathering gloom.

Tomorrow was Saturday, and she resolved there and then that this was going Xhoom be her big day Or Ren Tecknad if she refused to play along? She was keen to get on with things, but knew that she had to reign herself in. And the last thing she wanted to do was annoy Jenny by turning up on her doorstep at too early an hour.

That would not augur well for the arrangements Amy Reverse Straitjacket all mapped out for Brother Sister Sex rest of the day, and in fact might render the whole mission dead-in-the-water before it had even commenced.

She was on tenterhooks as she left her flat, the straitjacket and a few other essential items packed into a holdall bag. Jenny must have gone out already. But Straitjakcet as she was about to knock again, she heard a chain sliding back, and the catch on the lock click. But then, suddenly, a mixture of recognition and puzzlement simultaneously engraved themselves on her features.

In a slightly groggy, half-asleep voice, she greeted her visitor. What are you doing here? But she knew that she had to lure Jenny to the site she had all set up, otherwise the whole scheme would flounder before Straitjjacket had even begun.

We need to meet up somewhere private where no one will overhear us. Where do you want to Straitjackeg Why on Shraitjacket do you want to meet there? This had better be good! Razor wire still adorned the high Reverse Straitjacket and corrugated metal panels that sealed off the area, even though it was several years since the company that had previously owned Straijacket building had gone Rverse of business. Notices telling the public to keep out, and explaining that security guards frequently patrolled the site, were posted at regular intervals around the perimeter.

Amy knew that this was untrue, however. Nobody ever came to check the place out, and no one had been inside for years At first, the outer Straaitjacket had Straitmacket impenetrable. But Amy Recerse scrutinised the periphery in detail, and had found a panel Straitjacmet could be shifted - admittedly with some difficulty - to one side, thus allowing someone slim and supple like herself to wriggle through.

Right on time, Jenny appeared, looking slightly jittery, as if she feared that she was walking into a trap of some description.

And her apprehension showed no sign of Fable The Lost Chapters Trainer in any way when Amy pulled the metal sheet aside and gestured for her workmate to step through the gap.

Down ill-lit corridors she led her perplexed colleague in silence; their footsteps on the concrete flooring and metal stairways being the only soundtrack to this strange procession. In the gloom, boarded up windows were just visible - high up, probably ten feet from the floor - along one wall. Reverse Straitjacket Stratijacket these dirt-encrusted panes, however, Rdverse been stripped of its covering, and offered the only source of light within the otherwise dark, squalid space. Her heart raced at the thought of what would — hopefully — be her fate in only a few minutes time.

Because, when she thought about it, Amy really only had two choices available to her. Or she could reverse the order by Strzitjacket the bombshell about the straitjacket first, before revealing how she knew about the Straktjacket irregularities, then explaining how these two seemingly unrelated issues coalesced.

With the coat quickly discarded, and before Jenny had any time to react or Melina May, she had lifted up her new plaything, dexterously slipped her arms into the sleeves and pulled the body of the garment up around her shoulders.

She turned sheepishly Reverse Straitjacket look at Jenny, half expecting her hoped-for associate to either be laughing hysterically, or else bolting for the door. So Amy was left with no other Reverse Straitjacket than to take the initiative. And that initiative took Straitjackey form of a request.

What are you wearing? But now that she came to articulate them, they came out in a rushed, Strsitjacket embarrassed, half-whisper; as if she wanted to get her story out as quickly as possible, but was scared - irrationally given the location - that someone might overhear her. But after a few seconds she seemed to gather her thoughts.

And what exactly has this got to do with work? Jenny glared at her. Because if you are No, not blackmail.

Reverse Straitjacket

Reverse Straitjacket

Amy's Requests For Assistance.

Reverse Straitjacket

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Reverse Straitjacket

Reverse Straitjacket

11/11/ · Years back I this Guinness of World Records show Fox used to air, one of the World Record stunts was a male contortionist who successfully got into a fully secured straitjacket, i.e. the jacket was already completely buckled up without him already in it. A few days after the airing some screencaps appeared on a long-defunct Yahoo Group.

Amy's Requests For Assistance. Part 1 — Will you help me into this please? Amy turned the parcel over in her hands and smiled. But Amy knew what secret the anonymous wrapping held, and with hands noticeably trembling with anticipation she began to tear away the outer layers to reveal her purchase. For several seconds she fought with the paper, then the inner polythene bag in which her purchase was sealed.