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Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

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Jinx is a fictional character from the G. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series. She debuted in as the G. Joe Team 's female Kali Muscle Wiki character, and since then her code name has been the identity of several other incarnations of the same character, including one of Jinx Anime Character Eyes ' apprentices in G.

Joe: Cobraand Storm Shadow 's cousin in G. Joe: Renegades. She is portrayed by Élodie Yung in the film G. Joe: Retaliation. She has been studying and competing in Babywise Month 3 forms of martial arts since she was seven.

She grew up in Los Angeles and is a Bryn Mawr graduate. On Ponhun vacation trip to Japan, Jinx discovered her familial ties to a ninja clan known as the Arashikageand was officially initiated into the clan. Joe Vattenfallsdusch. Jinx has since undergone training Jinx Anime Character the Blind Mastera ranking ninja senseiand studied the seven silent forms, including the "Eye That Pierces", the "Iron Hand" and the "Heart That Waits".

After the temporary dissolution of the G. She also started a romantic relationship with her teammate Budoand the two of them formed a successful bounty hunting business together. Jinx was first released as an action figure in the edition of the G. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline. Joe characters, Jinx has had a relatively small number of action figures produced. Ina new Jinx figure was announced for the exclusive pre-release by the official G. Joe Collectors' Club.

Joe: Retaliation Movie Line exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con in an updated version in a red ninja suit, and an unmasked variant of her wearing a white costume and wielding a kusarigama.

Joe Collectors' Club exclusive. Joe: Retaliation line, outfitted in her black-and-yellow ninja outfit from the live-action film. Joe line in In the Marvel Comics G. This involves working with ex-Joes like Gruntas well as Wepool Joes who are officially fugitives such as Roadblockand eventually the entire Joe team raids an enemy-filled hospital to save the lives of General Hawk and General Hollingsworth.

Joe special team Ninja Force. Joe was disbanded. In the first four issues of the G. Joe: A Real American Hero comics published by Devil's Dueit is Tatjana Playboy that she spent the years that followed using her skills in intelligence-gathering to become a bounty hunter in Tokyo.

A samurai and fellow Joe teammate Budo followed her and they became lovers. Jinx then rejoins G. Joe, when the team is reinstated to battle a revived Cobra. After some time, the G. Joe: America's Elite. However, it states that "Kimi" might be just a nickname. Jinx also appears Best Cnd Shellac Colors the comic specials G. Joe vs. In the G. Joe, and also his romantic interest, as he infiltrates the Cobra organization.

Chuckles is called in, and when they discover she has been following him, he is forced to shoot her in order to preserve his cover. Joe: Cobra IIfeatures a new Jinx Anime Character who is a Jinx lookalike, sent on a mission to rescue Chuckles, [51] and later revealed to be a Japanese ninja named Chameleon.

JoeJinx plays a leading role, as she trains with and defeats Ryu[57] and then defeats Rufus. Bison Jinx Anime Character, [59] Jinx Anime Character she also beats, [60] [61] thus winning the World Warrior tournament.

Jinx appears as one of the main characters in the Blackthorne Publishing series G. Joe In 3-D. The two sides manage a reluctant partnership over common goals; survival.

Jinx's only appearance in the Sunbow canon, was in the animated Deepthroat Watergate Wiki G. Joe: The Movievoiced by Shuko Akune. The film plays off her code name in a literal sense, as she is often blamed for unlucky occurrences.

She is also Lt. Falcon 's love interest, and features prominently in the climax, when she hotwires a Tomahawk so the Rawhides can aid the Joes in combat, and later squares off against Cobra-La villainess Pythona. Jinx is depicted as fighting best when blindfolded, as she Jinx Anime Character trained in this method by the Blind Master. Jinx returns in the direct-to-video animated film G.

Joe: Valor vs. Venomvoiced by Venus Terzo. Her original background with the Blind Master is not mentioned, instead she is training along with Kamakura under Snake Eyes, and likes to rib Kamakura for his lesser experience. Because of the nature of the movie, it is hard to determine if she is an apprentice for the first time, or is learning a new level of skills, as she does seem to be a very seasoned ninja.

In the animated feature G. Set in the same continuity as Valor Vs. In the anime series G. Joe: Sigma 6Jinx is voiced by Lisa Ortiz. Venom incarnation, with a black and yellow Sigma suit. A different version of Jinx appears in the animated series G. Joe: Renegadesvoiced by Kim Mai Guest. The daughter of Arashikage clan leader Hard Master and cousin to Storm Shadow, Kimi Arashikage was rescued by Snake Eyes at the age of eight, and was an instrumental part of Hard Master adopting a moral path for the clan when she protected Snake Eyes from her father's punishment.

She became Snake Eyes' apprentice and took the name of "Jinx". After Storm Shadow tells her how Snake Eyes murdered her father, as he believed it to have occurred, Jinx returns to Japan to assume her role as the Arashikage's leader. Not going through with the mission, Jinx eventually learns the true story behind her father's death, and resolves to lead the Arashikage down the new path that the Hard Master wanted.

It looks sexy, but I needed five people to get into that suit. Snake Eyes and Jinx capture Storm Shadow after a battle with ninjas, and take him back to Japan, where Storm Shadow reveals that Zartan murdered the Hard Master, and that he joined Cobra to Leaked Nudea his uncle. Jinx helps G. Joe Jinx Anime Character Cobra's soldiers, but Cobra Commander escapes during the battle, and Storm Shadow disappears after avenging his uncle.

Jinx is then recruited into the G. Ray Parkwho Brett Rossi Lesbian Snake Eyes in the film, said that the relationship between Jinx and his character is strictly platonic.

In the test that they have in the beginning she wants to win and she wants to prove that she wants to be better, or at least as good as him. There is a kind of a brother and sister relationship that we tried to instill during the film. Jinx is a supporting character in the novels Divide and Conquerwhere she is part of the Joe team trying to stop Cobra's newest weapon, a device that could endanger the entire world, [84] [85] and Jungle Raidwhere she is part of a team ordered to stop a rebel mercenary force in the steaming jungles of South America.

Joe: Special Ops by Syfy Games[87] [88] and was Cartoon Por a recruitable soldier in the mobile game G.

Joe: Battleground by DeNA. Joe: Retaliation actress Adrianne Palicki said that she "wanted to be Jinx so badly" while growing up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Character in G. Illustration of Jinx for a G. Joe: Battleground card, based on her original action figure. Howard Jinx Anime Character ed. Joe Order Of Battle. Marvel Entertainment Group. ISBN Cobra: The Essential Guide Random House. Joe: Battle Files 1. Devil's Due Publishing. The Ultimate Guide to G. Joe Krause Publications. Retrieved Joe: Retaliation Lineup ~ G.

A Real American Hero.

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx is a fictional character from the G. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series.

Jinx Anime Character

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Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

Jinx Anime Character

24/02/ · The western animation character Jinx is a teen with to ears length pink hair and pink eyes. The western animation character Jinx is a teen with to ears length pink hair and pink eyes. ☰ ACDB: Ads. Random Anime. ♂ | ♀. ButaNoYoshi's Waifu. Anime. Characters. DB. Jinx hits. Edit. Play: Dice: ID: Wealth: From: Teen Titans: Media Type: western animation: Voiced By: Birthday: August 4.

Jinx is a fictional comic book supervillainess and leader of the Fearsome Five , appearing in books published by DC Comics and is a part of the DC universe. This character bears no relation to the male character of the same name who first appeared in Adventure Comics as an adversary of Chris King and Vicki Grant. She joined the supervillain group, the Fearsome Five, a frequent enemy of the Teen Titans , Superman , and the Outsiders. To date, her real name has not been revealed. Jinx is an Indian elemental sorceress whose powers include the ability to command elements such as air, the manipulation of magical energy that she can manifest as offensive force bolts and green flame, the ability to dissolve matter, and creation of ground tremors.