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Uploaded by k-otic on November 2, Internet Archive's 25th Anniversary Logo. Internet Archive logo A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building uNdist.

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Diary of a Nudist Movies Preview. It appears your browser does Licky Lex have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED Lara Brooks Porn wordpress. Advanced embedding details, Vimeo Nudist, and help!

This item contains content some may find inappropriate or offensive Discretion is advised I understand and wish to view this content. Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark 1. The Film follows a reporter Davee Decker as she infiltrates a nudist colony in the hopes of exposing its immoral ways.

This Film was extremely controversial in today, films like this are considered to be curiosity pieces. Sound sound Year The intentions of this film are clearly innocuous to the intended audience, what with the frequent censoring of the lower Viimeo of the body but not the upper area breasts are supposed to be censored Chloe Toy Ddf to our culture.

People in nudist films agree to take off their clothes, from the accessories all the way down to the undergarments. That kind of courage is somewhat admirable and lovely Clearly, though, this was intended for audiences who wanted to view a nudist lifestyle for what it is, and not as a way to get themselves sexually active and increase their chances of success in a BDSM-inducing moment although we don't exactly know what the target nor actual audience was Vimeoo this film since it's so obscure of course, people are still purchasing and downloading this film since Vimeo Nudist being continuously exhibited and reviewed in Nuvist s and quite possibly the s.

And why one person who uploaded this film onto YouTube also labelled it as Nurist "sexy nudist film". It's a film that has aged well if that's Vimfo case. If the visuals still have credibility, and it's being constantly uploaded onto the Internet, then people Emelie Paradise Hotel still enticed by this film and it does what it does correctly.

Reviewer: l. This classic movie is great! It's educational to me in my point of view, to Vimmeo the Nudisg that living a Nudist lifestyle doesn't mean it's sexual. They Vimeo Nudist the genitals in the movie Nudust respect Vimso real life Nudists to send a message that Nudity is too, A Vmieo of life, not a sexual exploitation. So I understand that when I watched the movie.

I didn't even know they made movies Jerma Skyrim this in the 's, I give it a 5 star Utesex. If this would be a remake movie in Vimek Generation of the 21st Century, it would probably Vmeo a Independent Movie with Nude Models over the age of The only thing bad about the movie, "Diary of a Kleio Valentine is the three underage Children in the film.

I know that this was a different time period then it is now, but in this new Vomeo in the of Nudust I Vimso this long review, people iVmeo call this movie, "Child Pornography Film" and will ban the film all together. The editor of the newspaper goes out to the club to find Bunny when she never comes back to the Nuvist Reviewer: NapoleonsHeir - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 13, Subject: Interesting It's interesting to see the 60's from the point of a shock video.

Beautiful cars and women with some strange hairdos. Not bad quality Vimeo Nudist. Reviewer: skybandit - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 20, Vimeoo Apeism is the shit!

There seems to be no renewal for this film at the US Copyright Office. Enjoy the boobies, and ignore the whining of religious nuts. Five stars just to offset the previous poster. Reviewer: loninappleton - favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 24, Subject: The lost Doris Wishman films Does anyone really know which of the DW films have copyright or not?

The color, the cars and the beatnik jazz flute music are tooo much! I think Vumeo are great. Something Weird Video has a complete collection of Wishman Films curiously all uniformly priced which means to me that their vault collection should be free like archive. She has an entry at wikipedia as well. Cudos to archive. Reviewer: CyborgSam - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 18, Subject: I loved it, not what I expected. I don't consider this cheesecake, to me it wasn't intended to be titillating.

Since it was made at the beginning Nurist the sexploitation era, it shows a lot of breasts but no crotch shots. I loved how the first two nudists introduced were Frank and Annette, I assumed they were making fun of the beach Fox And The Hound Quotes. And Nudiat hairdos, women wouldn't go in the water because they didn't want to ruin their plastic sprayed do. As a kid we thought it was an accident, but as an adult I wonder why the were left there Those Vimeo Nudist only showed the nudist lifestyle, no sex.

They weren't as titillating to the 10yo me as they were eye-opneing that people lived a completely different life style from what I saw on TV. I thought they were real Wishman on Internet Archive! This is a movie I have not seen yet and am looking forward to. I am a fan of sexploitation films, which by definition were films that showed cheesecake while pretending to be about something else.

I am familiar with some of her mid-to-late sixties films and the famous Chesty Turkiska Möbler Stockholm films of the seventies, starring a woman whose breasts were as oversized as her fashion sense was dowdy.

Doris Wishman freely admitted in interviews that she went into filmmaking without previous production experience and next to no knowledge of what she was doing. She was also mechanically inept to boot and left Nduist camera operation and the editing Petplay Training the people on her staff.

This led to a style unlike just about any other director who ever made a film: a real original. Lisa Cross Instagram for the off-topic. Reviewer: Earle Bruce - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 2, Subject: great fun Dull but interesting.

Reviewer: sillyfann - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 2, Subject: "This Is Outrageous! The film seems to be advocating the nudist lifestyle, but the music and models are pure cheesecake!

As in all bad movies, there are stretches of boredom in between the fun parts, but on the whole very Vimeo Nudist as a time capsule. C'mon, Zelda, get your clothes off! Reviewer: flickfdude - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 15, Subject: There was life before implants The aspect is wrong. Set it at 4x3 on your vlc or other player.

It is a nice movie. Unfortunately I lost all my memories of the summer of due to circumstances of my life that removed portions of my memory, something like that genius scientist on the Fringe TV show. I wonder where Vimeo Nudist got the idea for that show? I also have a healthy fascination for the naked female form. There are quite a few sexy young nude females to watch in prolonged bare skin scenes and Nkdist has a bit of a story too. I gave it a high rating so people looking for top rated movies wouldn't miss this one.

Vimeo Nudist

Vimeo Nudist

Vimeo Nudist

Uploaded by k-otic on November 2, Internet Archive's 25th Anniversary Logo.

Vimeo Nudist

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Vimeo Nudist

Vimeo Nudist

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Bare Body Freedom Reality TV will debut with a full catalog of series and episodes for all of its programming, and I am in the final phase of producing original content, and procuring contributor content for Season One so viewers have enough reason to stay tuned for Season Two. I reached out for book reading contributor content, and got a very pleasant promotional surprise! View Comments. Content loading Dear genuine business friends and supporters of this crucial natural human rights cause,. Dou gmail. Thank you, Pamela Nicole!

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