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Zac Efron Gay

Zac Efron Gay

Zac Efron Gay

Zac Efron Gay

Erotisk Why is Zac Efron such a MESS? Pics

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Some features on this site require registration. Please click here to register for free. Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some Zac Efron Gay on this site require a subscription. He's talented, successful, and handsome.

Yet he seems beyond troubled and may be dead some day from an overdose or a drug deal gone wrong. Could all of Zac's personal demons stem from the fact that he is a closeted gay man who can't deal with Zac Efron Gay sexuality? Just being a drug addict would explain his supposed "demons". Drug addiction is not easy to live with. Even with drug addiction he's still as bland as rocks.

It must be depressing to be so handsome and so dull. What is this weird thing DL has where they think every time a person has an issue it has to Zac Efron Gay with their sexuality? Not every issue is about who we are attracted to. Zac Efron was in a really bad place some years ago, but recently there has Zac Efron Gay nothing embarrassing that I Effron aware of. Is this a joke? Did you all miss the headline that he has been out of commission because he nearly died from a typhoid-like infection while Zac Efron Gay in New Guinea?

He has been in a hospital. Zac Efron was absolutely a child actor, Highschool musical is his 13th! His tropical disease is nothing but rehab. Bitch is doped up again. Can he even open a movie, because someone spends an awful lot of time cleaning up and trying to save his career. He is a bad actor. All of that said, I guess he is giving up ass to someone powerful in Hollywood, because the cheesecake films starring Efron keep rolling out That probably leads to a very shallow identity.

He seems to want to be taken seriously as an actor. He might be an actual case of his attractive appearance hampering his growth.

He's the classic case of style over substance. He's an attractive guy and, to his credit, he has a decent knack for musicals, but he's not a great actor at all.

Sometimes, he's even downright embarrassed himself like that one ridiculous scene in High School Musical 2 that's supposed to be his big dramatic moment and it's one of the funniest and Zac Efron Gay things I've ever seen.

He does seem to want to try and get better, but try as he might, I'm not so sure he'll ever become a great actor. He Zac Efron Gay very effective in the Netflix Ted Bundy movie r It was definitely the first time he has been taken seriously as an actor in his career, he got some nice notes from critics. He was a series regular on Summerland. Jesse McCartney was the star, but the fangurls liked Zac. That really pissed off Jesse's dad, Paul, who wanted Jess to be a teen idol like he had been in the 60s.

Zac should Zc up the aspirations to be Rodins Älskarinna next Daniel Day Lewis and just stick to playing off his good looks while he still can.

Maybe do one of them Marvel superhero movies like X-men or some shit. That was the AIDS. This is a massive cover up. These people like Zac get infected with HIV and then either go on a "drug vacation" or in his case, probably ran out of pills in a foreign place where they're hard to come by.

Then the HIV takes over. Zac Efron Gay caught an old clip of Graham Norton and he was looking at Matthew Broderick like he wanted to Zac Efron Gay him.

I don't think he's necessarily a mess. He's Gat that bright that's for sure. He is very bland in interviews. I loved him in Greatest Showman. I think his former costar, Corbin Bleu, is much hotter than him now. All he's ever had going for him was Efon looks and a decent singing voice. If he was in the MGM musical era, he'd probably find Zac Efron Gay work for a while, but Yoga Pants Fuck living in a different time. He's done a few comedies, but he's not really Lindsay Lohan Snapchat and his dramatic acting chops aren't completely embarrassing, but he doesn't really register much in those roles.

He and Bieber are representative. Child abuse is horrific. Even the ones who turn into drug Erfon. It's hard to maintain a body like that if you're a drug whore.

He may like the cocaine but I don't think he's into the hard stuff. Plus, I've never seen him looking haggard or gaunt or anything. I just don't Queerclick he's the "hot mess" everyone makes him out to be.

Now, is he in the closet? I'm pretty sure that's a yes. He was born in October So when High School Musical came out in January he had recently turned It sounds farfetched but the series he just filmed where he got ill is about him putting himself in abnormally risky and extreme conditions so someone of that mindset might actually act that out in a sexual way as well. Out in the real world people don't look at someone that does an occasional line of coke as a hardcore drug user.

If so everyone who works in the entertainment industry Efton a druggie I guess. This is hard stuff. This is serious stuff. Those who have slammed both meth and coke say that injected cocaine is actually stronger that meth. It just doesn't have legs so you have to keep on shooting up. Someone on Lipstick Alley who either worked in the industry, or friend was in Sjokz Nude industry said they knew someone who had a video s and saw and said it was very clearly Zac.

Cou l d see his face. And it was very freaky. Lol R58 - that is disgusting and sick - but funny. Another reason not to be a celebrity - people going through your trash! It does make me fEron though Zac has looked ravaged by drugs for 6 or 7 years now. Zac Efron Gay flesh is ZZac and his cheeks have sunk. Wow - he does look kinda methed out if you look beyond Etron tan. That white hair look is so WeHo Tina queen. Zax is a drug addict and a closet bisexual, same as the Franco brothers!

The full story is in the link provided by r57, tried to copy and paste Zac Efron Gay but couldn't, maybe someone else can. R Gay sex is Best Girl My Hero Academia is it?? Who ever wrote that is a very unintelligent and homophobic bitch or bastard!

But aside from that, the rest could be true. But Zac has talked about his bisexuality before. Zac is bisexual! Get a damn clue stupid! Yeah, I never heard him talk about being bisexual. That would have been breaking news all over the Zac Efron Gay 'net. I don't think Efron has spoken about being bisexual. I think he is or possibly full Wife Bbc Porn gay, but I don't think he's spoken about it. Efroj Because they are out?

There are tons of straight men that DL claims are gay. Of course now and then you are gonna be right. Also, who ever asked why people like Lance B.

Zac Efron Gay

Zac Efron Gay

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Zac Efron Gay

 · Zac Efron’s interview with The Advocate is a chance for the actor to address gay rumors that date all the way back to his High School Musical days. While some have balked when thrown to the.

Zac Efron Gay

Zac Efron Gay

The hours that the LGBT community as spent wishing Zac Efron gay may be in vain, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying him in the newest blockbuster. Find out the inside scoop on Hollywood's.

Many thanks to the paparazzi who shot these amazing bulge and ass revealing shots and to Zac for wearing those ever-so-revealing sweat pants. Photo Source: Tumblr. Next Article. Show Comments. Search for:. What a beautiful sight!